Act4Accountability’s (ACT4) mission is to build a culture of accountability among Africans and the Diaspora through civic engagement. We develop tools that promote civic engagement and social change in our home countries. As a diaspora-led organization, we are committed to the reversal of the brain drain into brain gain for Africans. We envision an Africa free of corruption.

Act4Accountability (ACT4) was created due to the lack of information from the Nigerian government after the kidnapping of 276 school girls in Chibok, Borno state, Nigeria on April 14, 2014.


ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe that accountability is essential for any healthy sustainable community. Social accountability is a means to build trust-based relationships to strengthen citizenship for collective-action problem solving. Representatives of institutional and governmental power are answerable to their communities for their decisions, actions, policies, and the resulting consequences.

TRANSPARENCY: For positive social change to occur, there must be transparency in systems and representation of power if leaders seek to gain the trust of their citizens.

ENGAGEMENT: Diaspora citizens share the responsibility of actively advocating for good governance in leadership and government, equitable community resources, and legislation that promotes economic development, gender equity, and public safety.