#Act4CivicEd in Nigeria

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When it comes to corruption, Act4Accountability wants to change the beliefs of the next generation.
We believe civic education is one way to make this change happen.

ACT4 is raising $40,000 to pilot a two (2) month after-school civic education program for 200 7th to 9th grade students and 20 teachers in rural Nigeria. Part of the funds raised is to conduct the research for the most appropriate model and curriculum that can be implemented in two months.

Public/government schools in Nigeria teach civic education at the junior and secondary school levels. However, teachers are often not properly trained to efficiently teach such curriculum. The curriculum in the junior secondary years suffer from duplication, content density, and in are many areas void of connection to the realities of youth daily lives. The absence of quality civic education is one factor why the values of tolerance, transparency, and accountability are challenged in the Nigerian society, hence the perfect breeding ground for corruption.

Please make a donation to our campaign to make civic education a priority – https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/iact4-civic-education-program-in-nigeria/

This program will be a new way of teaching values in schools and encourage these students to be civic and community minded. In the midst of cynicism, we believe it is possible to turn the tide and build young men and women of integrity. For more about the program, visit http://act4accountability.com/involvedwithus/act4civiced/

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