December 21st, 2015 | act4action

Project Summary:

ACT4 is raising $40,000 to pilot a two (2) month after-school civic education program for 200 7th to 9th grade (Junior Secondary School) students in Nigeria.

The program will provide the following:
• An experiential curriculum designed to educate Nigerian students about:
o Democratic values and attitudes
o Human rights and Tolerance
o What is Corruption? Forms and Consequences
o Relationship between citizens, government, and the environment.
• 7-Day Teacher Intensive Program to train 20 teachers to effectively deliver the curriculum
• An innovative and experiential approach to teaching values that is creative and fun for the students.

For our calculations, we estimate the cost of this pilot program with 200 students and 20 teachers, including curriculum development and training, materials, transportation, and after-school meals will be about $40,000.

Here is the breakdown:
1. Curriculum development, instructional design, and training materials: $15,000
2. 7-Day Teacher Education Training: $10,000
3. Implementation in one school: $15,000

The Problem:
The absence of quality civic education instruction in public schools is one of the challenges in reversing corruption, indiscipline, and the disregard for the rules of law in Nigeria. Civic Education plays an active role in promoting civic engagement and supporting democratic and participatory governance, because the development of a nation hinges on good and effective citizenship. Parts of civic education are currently incorporated into the Social Studies curriculum in Nigeria. However, the success of a civic education curriculum poses a challenge for social studies teachers, because there are a limited number of qualified teachers available to teach civic education.

Do you know that $400 billion in Nigeria’s oil revenue has been lost to corruption? That’s right—$400 billion that would have ensured life-saving vaccinations for 29.7 million Nigerian children under the age of 5. $400 billion could have supported the education of an additional 2 million children and the training of 494,000 new Nigerian teachers. Join us in changing this culture with a TODAY!


Want to know what else corruption has done to Nigeria?

Watch this short clip from PBS Newshour’s recent special on corruption in Nigeria to hear Godwin Ekpo’s firsthand account of what corruption has cost his family.

Godwin’s story reflects one of the many reasons why Act4Accountability exists. Corruption in Nigeria has created an environment of impunity that allows police officers to kill a wife and a mother of three over a $10 demand for bribe.

Godwin’s wish for his children to be “great men and women” is why your support matters. In the midst of cynicism, we believe it is possible to turn the tide and build young men and women of integrity.

Quality civic education in Nigeria will be a positive influence for the students. Each student will become better equipped to talk about and address corruption in their personal lives and community. With your donation, we get closer to the goal of teaching 200 children in Nigeria about the values of good citizenship.

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