Diaspora RiseUp!

May 7th, 2017 | act4action

What Is Diaspora RiseUp!?
Diaspora RiseUP! is a campaign to raise funds from members of the African diaspora in response to emerging humanitarian crises in Africa. Diaspora RiseUP! is an initiative led by Act4Accountability (ACT4) to identify, build, and support a network of credible local organizations on the frontline of emergencies and are responding to the urgent needs of extremely vulnerable populations in their communities.

Diaspora RiseUp! fundraises through a coalition of partners, events, crowdfunding, and a social media campaign to expand our reach to engage members of the diaspora. The campaign will feature inspiring stories of hope, highlight unsung heroes, and have various calls for action to elevate the visibility of humanitarian issues.

Allocation of funds raised will be published online to ensure transparency. Eligible local NGO partners will undergo verification for regulatory compliance and service delivery capacity. Those selected to receive grants will provide monthly updates or blog posts, quarterly financial reports, and documentation of how the monies are spent.

Who is the African Diaspora?
The African Diaspora consists of peoples of African origin living outside Africa, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality who are willing to contribute to the development and sustainability of the continent.

Why Diaspora RiseUP!?
The World Bank estimates that remittances to sub-Saharan Africa grew to $36 billion in 2016 with $21 billion from Nigeria‚Äôs diaspora. Members of the diaspora send money home to support family members for school fees, businesses, and other needs. Diasporas have proven to be of significant help during natural disasters and epidemics, as in the case of Nepal’s earthquake and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. According to the World Bank, climate change is likely to result in increased frequency and severity of weather-related disasters. For this reason, a sustained emergency relief fund by the diaspora directed to pre-screened local NGO partners will cut through bureaucratic red-tape to the beneficiaries.

Visit https://diasporariseup.org/ to learn more

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